The generic commercial kitchen Oven Types

the example of combi oven

The generic commercial kitchen Oven Types

Commercial kitchen oven has several generic types. They are convection, combi oven, gas, electric oven. These four types of the commercial oven are commonly used in restaurants. Here is what you need to know about the generic commercial kitchen oven.

The convection and combination oven

A convection oven or regular oven have heat sources applied to its inner wall of the oven. Some convection oven has air convection and fan for a better heating circulation system. The moving heat inside the oven allows the food to cook evenly and way faster compared to the usual home oven. The convection oven suits best for a restaurant that need freshly cooked food.

A combination oven put several functions of kitchen appliances into one equipment. Usually, it uses a dry heating system either using fan or steam when cooking food. The combination oven is preferred by most restaurants because of its great versatility compared to the convection oven.

The electric and gas ovens

In a commercial kitchen oven, you can pick either a gas or electric oven. Actually, the differences between those two are not that significant, it is just a matter of experience. A gas stove is more controllable because the one you set or change the temperature, it will go down or up in an instant. It is quicker and you can control the heat based by looking at the flame, which will be more precise and accurate. But the danger of being exposed to flame is way higher in gas stove compared to the electric one. Also, the gas is more risky to use. You might have seen some fire news caused by LPG explosion. The electric stove gives you more safety and it won’t make your kitchen smell. But, the gradually decreased heat after being used will evaporate and make your kitchen warmer.  In addition, an electric commercial kitchen oven needs time to heat up.


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